Professional Development in Education

Teaching at Pratt as been an tremendously enlightening and edifying experience for me, and I believe my enthusiasm for it has pushed me to develop greatly as a Professor. I have put considerable time and effort into learning new material, improving my instructional methods, and creating course infrastructure to support my students.

In my ongoing efforts to improve my teaching abilities, I’ve had countless discussions with my colleagues about instructional methods, used student feedback to improve my courses, and attended many teaching events and seminars at Pratt.

Additionally, I attended two teaching workshops outside of Pratt to improve my knowledge of new teaching methods: a Case Studies Workshop in May 2009 and a POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) Workshop in June 2010.

Most recently, in order to become an effective online instructor, I completed the Resilient Teaching Online (RTO) course offered by Pratt’s Center for Teaching and Learning in June 2020, and am currently enrolled in their online self-paced class for learning the basic tools of the Canvas LMS.